Our biomass heating technology offers the most economical solutions to residential and commercial spaces.

Housing complexes, commercial & office spaces

Biomass central heating can be applied within built environments, like domestic dwellings, commercial and public sector buildings, as well as industrial buildings in densely populated urban spaces. Central heating with biomass is particularly suited for high use, purpose-built buildings, like schools, gymnasiums, hostels, student accommodation, retirement villages, eco-estates, etc.

Beneficial applications

Hot water pool
Hot air production

Affordable hot water production

At CALORE, our biomass combustion technology and fuels like wood pellets can provide the residential and commercial development sector with affordable energy security for hot water and air production. Compared to electricity, gas or diesel – savings up to 50% can be achieved, whilst having the peace of mind that one of your essential production inputs have been secured.

New & Existing buildings

Our heating designs can be applied to both new developments or existing buildings. Site-specific feasibility studies are done to ensure that the correct system is specified.

Our technology

A typical biomass solution will include a central heating system consisting out of the following sub-systems:

  • Biomass Boiler with flue system
  • Fuel Storage
  • Fuel transport system
  • Hot water storage (Buffer/Accumulation Tank)
  • Hydronic distribution system from boiler to storage
  • Hydronic discharge system (Spatial heating or consumption)
  • Management modules and controls

Central & district heating applications

Central Heating refers to a process of heat transfer either using a fluid or air as heat transport from one location to the next via pipes radiators or vents.

District heating, also known as heat networks or tele-heating refers to larger scale systems for distributing heat generated in a large centralized location through a transport system for residential and commercial heating requirements.

At CALORE we specialize in central and district heating project conceptualization, design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance.


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