Our specially manufactured brand of pet litter and bedding pellets serve as a natural alternative for animals.

Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Birds, Horses

Primo Pet litter is manufactured from 100% natural fibres and pine sawdust and contains no artificial – or chemical additives, making Primo Pet Litter safe for any household pet and horse stable. It can be used as litter or ground cover, acting as unique germ an odour trap.

Beneficial properties

Easy cleaning
Maintained hygiene
Long lasting
Eco friendly
Highly absorbent
Natural Pine fragrance
Low dust tracking
100% Natural

Economical use for household pets

Our eco-friendly natural pet litter is perfectly suited for most household pets like cats, hamsters and rabbits. Simply fill the litter box with Primo Pet
wood pellets to an approximate depth of 4cm. Regularly inspect the tray and remove any soiled waste and refill with fresh pellets as needed.

To familiarise your pet with wood pellet litter, mix in half of your regular litter until your pet adapts.

Suitable for horse bedding

There are many options available for horse bedding. Wood pellets however provide an excellent alternative to straw or shavings. It is easy to lay, provide excellent support for your horse and it’s quick to muck out. Pellets are extremely absorbent (1 kg of pellets can absorb 3 litres of liquid) so any liquid waste will be quickly absorbed into the bedding, making it far more hygienic and healthier than straw or shavings. Our pellets are carefully produced from virgin pine softwood so produce very little dust and contain no bleach or additives, reducing any risk of allergies.


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