Change to biomass heating

With our easy 10 step process, our biomass heating solutions can help you save on your heating costs in no time.

Our Process

  • Initial site survey and feasibility assessment
  • Historical energy data is compared to a measured base line energy consumption
  • If viability is proven, a comprehensive project proposal is prepared, matching the right technology to your specific application
  • We provide an estimated cost saving, calculate “Return on Investment” and present different financial models for consideration.
  • Once you have chosen a financial model the procurement process begins
  • A detailed delivery and work schedule is provided
  • System installation as per system design
  • On-site testing, commissioning & handover
  • Our SLA provides remote monitoring, support and maintenance of your system.
  • Our technical teams will ensure your equipment maintains its efficiency with annual servicing

Project feasibility

The project feasibility phase consists of an initial assessment which is free of charge and any obligation.

Phase overview:

Initial site survey and pre-feasibility assessment

If viability is proven, a comprehensive project proposal is put together, matching the right technology to the right fuel source

Estimating cost savings and ROI

Different funding methods presented

Planning & Design

Be it to reduce CO₂ emissions or to save on fuel costs, we understand your need for a system that will deliver multiple benefits to your business. Driven by your mission, we work to design practical solutions utilizing the most appropriate technologies.

Backed by a team of highly experienced engineers and project managers, we will design your complete energy system. We will also liaise closely with you regarding the work schedule and ensure a firm completion date is negotiated.

Phase overview:

Planning & procurement

Detailed delivery and work schedule

Installation & Support

During the installation, we will work closely with you as soon as work on site commences to ensure there is minimal disruption to the daily running of your business. If you will be taking ownership of the equipment, it is essential for you understand your system upon completion, which is why we will also ensure you are fully trained to operate it while also offering you full customer support.

Phase overview:

Installation of chosen system

Testing, commissioning & training

Service & Maintenance

We specialize in ensuring your risks are reduced significantly over the lifetime of your system. It’s not enough to install the best technology which will deliver the optimal benefit, we also ensure your investment is protected and your returns maximized.

Phase Overview:

Customer support

Performance optimization and combustion analysis

Software updates and full diagnostic tools

Additional commissioning and new operator training

Discounted spare parts

Annual servicing

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