Exploring your biomass opportunities in an easy 10 step process

Our Project process follows the following logical order

  • All potential projects first undergo a desktop feasibility assessment followed by an initial site assessment if feasibility is proven. (Free of charge and obligation free)
  • In case of existing sites, where historical energy data is available, it is analysed in depth to establish a measurable baseline and status quo report. In case of new sites, different forms of biomass fuel and technologies are assessed to find the best biomass solution possible. (Once a formal proposal is requested)
  • If technical and economic viability is proven, a comprehensive Project Proposal is prepared, matching the right technology and fuel to the specific application. (Project Proposal)
  • Once the Project Proposal is accepted in principle by the client – different financial models are considered. CSE have the ability to provide different Contractual and Financial Options to our clients. (Contractual and Financial Close)
  • A detailed delivery and work schedule are provided with all the necessary plans and approvals. (Work schedule and Plans)
  • Once Contractual and Financial Close has been reached the Procurement and Manufacturing Process begins. (Procurement and Manufacturing)
  • Project completed to practical completion as per project design (Installation Phase)
  • Commissioning and project handover (if ownership is transferred as per contractual agreement) (Commissioning)
  • Service Level Agreements provides long term fuel security, optionally coupled with remote monitoring, support, operation and maintenance of the installed technology (as per contractual and financial agreement). (Service Level Agreements in working)
  • Our Aftersales Service will ensure your equipment operate with the minimum down time and maintains its efficiency with regular maintenance and servicing. (Aftersales Service)

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