Bespoke industrial heating solutions

CSE Biomass in partnership with Uniconfort (Italy) can offer bespoke industrial scale heating solutions up to 30 MW. Each solution is designed to be project and fuel specific. Solutions can be offered in the following general applications, namely;

  • Remote heating for large heating circuit applications

    Central heating for cities, towns, suburbs, residential developments, etc.

  • Co-generation for Combined Heat and Power application

    Industrial and commercial processes with a constant heat demand can also generate electricity to supplement electrical demand.

  • Any industrial or commercial heating application

    Green houses, nurseries, hospitals, hotels, hatcheries, agricultural processing, food processing etc.

Compatible Biomass Fuels

  • Uniconfort Boilers are compatible with different types of biomass

    Forestry and Wood processing residues (sawdust, bark, wood chips, wooden materials with different sizes and humidity level)

    Agricultural processing residues (olive and vine pruning residues, etc.)

    Food industry processing residues (tomato skin, solid distillation process residues, apple processing residues, juice processing residues, beer factory thresh, oilseed processing residues, bran processing residues, etc.)

    Tree and grass crops (short-medium rotation)

    Urban green areas and bank clearing

Before biomass residues can be considered for a specific project it first needs to be analysed for feasibility.

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Efficient heating.

Our industrial scale plants use solid biomass and works in the most adverse conditions. These plants are bespoke solutions and are purpose build to their application


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