100% Natural stable bedding

We offer a range of wood pellets which are suitable for the use of horse stable bedding. Using wood pellets for horse bedding is a very economical option as over time you will use far less than you would with other bedding materials.

There are many options available for horse bedding. Wood pellets however provide an excellent alternative to straw or shavings. It is easy to lay, provide excellent support for your horse and it’s quick to muck out. Pellets are extremely absorbent (1 kg of pellets can absorb 3 litres of liquid) so any liquid waste will be quickly absorbed into the bedding, making it far more hygienic and healthier than straw or shavings. Our pellets are carefully produced from virgin pine softwood so produce very little dust and contain no bleach or additives, reducing any risk of allergies.

Using wood pellets is very economical as over time you will need to use less than you would with other bedding materials. Wood pellets a 75% more effective than shavings or straw.



Minimum Order Delivered – 32 Pallet (Truck load)

Delivery only to major centres in South Africa – outlying areas may incur extra cost and will be quoted for separately

Site access and road conditions needs to be suitable for an interlink truck

Offloading should be done by a forklift at clients own expense

Pellets should be stored indoors in a dry environment

70 x 15kg bags per pallet = 1050kg

2240 x 15kg bags per truck load = 33 600kg

Minimum Order Collect – 1 Pallet

Collection can be made from our distribution partner’s warehouses, namely Calore Distribution CPT or Calore Distribution JHB

Please send a suitable vehicle to collect (Pallet size: 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.6)

Please note the order will be loaded by forklift only

70 x 15kg bags per pallet = 1050kg

2240 x 15kg bags per truck load = 33 600kg

Orders less than 1 Pallet

For smaller orders less than 1 pallet please contact your nearest Calore Dealer nationwide.

Single bags are available : 15kg per bag

On-line pellet orders and delivery are available for Calore customers.  Contact your nearest dealer or Calore website for more information.

70 x 15kg bags per pallet = 1050kg

2240 x 15kg bags per truck load = 33 600kg




Lay the bags down flat on the stable floor in two even rows. A 4m by 3m stable with rubber matting will require approximately 6-10 bags of pellets.

Carefully cut a cross slit in all the bags and fold back the plastic. To ‘activate’ the pellets, each bag will require 4-5 litres of water – Slowly pour the water into the bag opening and leave the pellets to swell slightly. The pellets should not dissipate entirely.

Within 15-20 minutes, the pellets will have absorbed all the water and expanded to around three times their original size.

Empty the bedding out onto the stable floor. The pellets will have transformed into a soft, fluffy but dense bed, and there should be some pellets that have not broken down.

With a fork and rake, spread the bedding out evenly into the desired area and make up any banks.

 Mucking out

Remove solids and completely saturated patches daily.


One to two bags of pellets per week will be a sufficient quantity to replenish lost bedding. These pellets do not need to be activated again and can be seeded evenly across the existing bed.

Eco-friendly. By nature.

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