Our heating technology offers improved economy, lowered emissions and consistent supply of hot water.

Hospitals, frail care, clinics

Hospitals, health- and frail care facilities have a high and constant demand for hot water. Reliability of energy to meet this demand is of crucial importance. Energy failures are not only costly but pose a serious threat to healthcare services.

Beneficial applications


Cost effective

At CALORE, our biomass combustion technology, especially utilizing the high energy density of woody biomass can provide a secure and cost-effective solution to the healthcare industry.

Energy security

Compared to traditional fuel sources – biomass can bring about savings up to 50%, whilst having control over energy security thus ensuring essential services.

Our technology

A typical biomass solution will include a central heating system consisting out of the following sub-systems:

  • Biomass Boiler with flue system
  • Fuel Storage
  • Fuel transport system
  • Hot water storage (Buffer/Accumulation Tank)
  • Hydronic distribution system from boiler to storage
  • Hydronic discharge system (Spatial heating or consumption)
  • Management modules and controls

Central & district heating applications

Central Heating refers to a process of heat transfer either using a fluid or air as heat transport from one location to the next via pipes radiators or vents.

District heating, also known as heat networks or tele-heating refers to larger scale systems for distributing heat generated in a large centralized location through a transport system for residential and commercial heating requirements.

At CALORE we specialize in central and district heating project conceptualization, design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance.


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