Our aim as an organization is to utilize various forms of biomass resources as renewable energy, sourced from sustainably managed FSC plantations, agricultural residue and alien vegetation. At our pellet production facility we produce A1 premium grade wood pellets for use in the residential and commercial water and spatial heating markets.

We are also in partnership with various stakeholders in the forestry industry. Our affiliate partner produces our wood chip feed-stock used in various burner and boiler applications on industrial scale.

Our biomass fuels offer multiple industries economical alternative solutions to their heat energy demand. Among others we are able to service the agriculturalhealthcarecommercial and residential development and hospitality industries.

Calore Sustainable Energy was founded in 2011 with a clear mission: We wanted to develop a cost effective cleaner energy alternative to fossil fuels. We wanted to offer consumers and entrepreneurs a fuel to replace fossil fuels like LPG, diesel, Paraffin, HFO and electricity generated from coal, enabling them to generate heat energy without interruption while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Calore is now South Africa’s largest producer of premium grade wood pellets – a small and seemingly ordinary product that is addressing these big challenges and delivering real results. Calore also supply, install and offer service level agreements for advanced biomass combustion technology ranging from 6kw to 1mw.


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