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Calore Sustainable Energy specializes in manufacturing and sourcing the highest quality solid biomass fuel, combined with the most advanced, efficient and user friendly biomass combustion technologies.

Calore was founded with a clear mission: We wanted to develop a cost effective and cleaner thermal energy alternative to fossil fuels. Together with our strategic partners we own the full biomass value chain from plantation, production of premium grade wood pellets to installation of combustion technology. As a renewable energy, our biomass is sourced from sustainably managed FSC plantations, agricultural residue and alien vegetation. Our pellet plant produces A1 premium grade wood pellets for use in the residential and commercial thermal markets.

We offer consumers and entrepreneurs a renewable fuel alternative to replace fossil fuels like Coal, LPG, diesel, Paraffin, HFO and electricity generated from coal. This enables our clients to generate cost effective heat energy without interruption while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our biomass fuels offer multiple industries an economical alternative to their heat energy demand. We provide solutions for the agricultural, commercial and residential industries.

Together with our strategic partners, Calore Sustainable Energy, is the largest biomass fuel supply and intellectual property collective in Africa.

Why use biomass as a fuel

Biomass technology provides various industries with a multitude of desperately needed solutions to help cut down on energy costs. Utilizing these fuel sources unlock the natural cycle of carbon neutrality, leaving no additional emissions compared to energy produced by fossil fuels.

Biomass Fuels

Our locally sourced biomass is an eco-friendly alternative solid fuel, suitable for most industrial heating requirements. Our wood pellets are locally produced from the waste by-product of FSC approved commercial sawmills. Our wood chips are mostly produced from harvested alien vegetation and agricultural biomass. Apart from wood pellets and chips, a variety of other natural biomass fuels, are also suitable for the production of heat energy.


Wood Pellets


Wood Shavings


Wood Chips


Waste Wood




Nut Shells




Forest Residue

Our Industries

Our Biomass fuel and technology solutions can have a significantly positive impact on your operational expenses. We can specify, supply, install and maintain bespoke biomass heating solution for multiple industries.


Direct combustion technology is the most commonly used and established technology for converting biomass to heat. There are multiple technologies available that can be used for efficient combustion. Book a consultation to learn how we can help you save on your heating costs.

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Our process

Our process consists of an easy 10 step system. We start with an initial site survey and run through a feasibility assessment considering all potential practical solutions and end with the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your heating system. We tailor each project to fit it’s unique architectural challenges and heating requirements optimally.

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Quantified savings

Globally, woody biomass has proven itself as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels often resulting in substantial savings facilitating short term repayment of capital cost. The savings generated as a result of using biomass instead of electricity, LPG, diesel, HFO and Paraffin are sufficient enough to finance new heating technology for the production of hot air or water. Biomass central heating boilers, burners and wood pellet fireplaces can transform more than 90% of the stored energy into usable heat energy.

For new projects; wood pellet and wood chip technology offer the most reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Domestic economy

The use of wood pellets not only offers significant advantages for the environment and clear economic advantages for the customers, but also provides a secure future market for domestic companies who grow and harvest plantation trees, manufacture the wood pellets, deliver the fuel, install pellet appliances and service them. The growth of the wood pellet industry has the potential to create many new desperately needed jobs in South Africa, especially in the rural communities.

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